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Little Lightening Bolt AkA Marcus R. McCoy is the author of the Bioregional Animism Site. Marcus started this work a number of years ago seeking a way to teach what he had learned to others about the importance of discovering and co-creating Bioregional Animist life ways. Inspired by his experiences with indigenous healers and his own visionary medicine work, LLB (as folks call him) began to co-author this work here as well as a basic principle, or way of relating as a place based animist. Through his work with transrational relationship with the spirits of place, the genius loci and the many spirits of life that work with him this work came to be known as Bioregional animism. Over the years Marcus worked on discovering bioregional animism in his own life and community and eventualy started writing it here utilizing the language provided by works in new animism by authors and academics such as Graham Harvey and bioregionalist authors such as Kirckpatrick Sales.
Marcus has a BA degree in Transpersonal Anthropology, where he focused on world transpersonal healing traditions and animist cosmology, obtained through the Evergreen State College. Marcus is currently working in the mental health field and has been working with acute and chronically mentally ill individuals for nearly 8 years.
Marcus spent six years studying with a south american curandero and ceremonialist, just to learn that all he needed was out his back door. Much of his work here was inspired by that work for which he is eternally grateful.
Marcus is a healer, counselor, teacher, medicine maker, natural builder and artist when he is not writing on this site. He spends his time in the Cascades where he was born and hopefully where he will die some day.
Marcus McCoy is available for teaching dates on bioregional animism, but hopes that people will learn what they need to from the land beneath them first and for most... just to save on gas money!
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