Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The mother octopus...

[This was posted on tribes a while ago... It was not a popular piece and alienated me from people who respected my work at the time. To this day I feel it was one of the more important things I had written. It occurs to me over and over how can anything be unnatural. The nature non nature dualism appears to be impossible to me. I meet other people who feel the same way. But I've almost seen people stirred to violence when challenged with the idea that there is nothing that any human can do that is unnatural. I have seen people stand up willing to strike me after telling them that humans are not separate from nature. This small essay bellow is still probably unpopular but I feel needs to be communicated repeatedly so the whole can evolve its self reflexivity.]

The mother octopus...

Self reflexivity in consciousness is a perspective that Cosmologist Brain Swimme uses synonymously with the ability of the planet to become self referencing via the development of human consciousness by the earth itself. In this respect the Planet has become self reflexive as has the cosmos through the development of life forms such as ourselves. What I find interesting as well is that Swimme points out that in order for the earth to do so it had to wound her self... I find this interesting. What other animals in nature wound themselves to procreate, what animals die so that they can carry on life? These animals die after birthing their young... Salmon Octopus Squid & May Flies

Gaia, our mother, this planet maybe be our mother but if she's intelligent at all she knows that she will be devoured by her Sun, Sol one day and all life on this planet will end... is it possible that like the mother octopus the planet is self sacrificing so that life can evolve in some way that will allow it to leave the planet? Could it be possible that gaia is the type of organism that gave birth to an offspring that has the ability to reproduce another earth eventually? People have been speculating and researching the possibility of terra-forming other planets for a long time now. If our mind is the self reflexivity of the earth/cosmos itself, then these ideas to terraform other planets are the earths idea itself. How else would a planet if it is a living organism reproduce?

The idea that the planet and its consciousness is separate form ours needs to end. Especially now. Mothers around the world have sacrificed their lives for their young and for life itself since the beginning of time and in each of these giving of the self it was the earth mothers giving. Nothing is separate at all, the salmon is the earth mother, the octopus, my mother... my grandmother and their grandmothers... all the earth mother. Their mind all the earth mothers mind. The only separation is our own misperception of separation.

I do not wish to to lessen the impact of the trauma of the ecological horrors we are experiencing today, the oil spills and the species extinction... but maybe just maybe the earth her self is behind this, and standing behind her mask is the mask of the universe and behind that mask the true self of us all... and perhaps this true self wishes for life to spread through out the universe, maybe there is no other choice then for the planet to mate spawn and die like the salmon. Perhaps the ecological horrors and our reactions to them, to technology and spiritual advancement and our own evolution is all intertwined and this is the beginning of our attempt to spread through the vast cosmic sea spreading life through out the universe. This planet will some day die... it is inevitable... I think it knows this... and I think it has been preparing for this for a very long time.

The Hawaiian creation myth relates that the present cosmos is only the last of a series, having arisen in stages from the wreck of the previous universe. In this account, the octopus is the lone survivor of the previous, alien universe."~ Wikipedia~FYI, I find this really interesting...

You know, this idea just hit me when speaking to a good friend about the oil spill in the gulf. He was speaking from this dooms day perspective, and it just felt so imbalanced, I had to give the contrary perspective... this what if started to emerge in my mind. I had never really thought of this before, but it speaks so much more to me than the "we are so fucked" perspective I always hear. Over the years of doing ayahuasca and sanpedro and Vilca ceremonies with traditional healers I have felt over and over again that there is an intelligence that is compassionate behind all that occurs. I have learned to trust this and its never let me down. We are that intelligence and it is all that is!