Sunday, January 27, 2013


This picture of a ancient German shamaness reminded me today of past lessons, and of an old inspiring quote from Weston La Barre. "The ancestor of the gods was the shaman", this idea has always really struck me rather hard. In a time where we are seeking our own relationships with spirit and the land, it's a wonderful reminder that we can establish through our relationships the same synergy with spirit and nature that so many have before us. We need nothing between us and spirit but our own awareness. The ecstatic experience and the awareness of oneness that comes from that state allowed for relationships with spirit to and nature to synergize.
I recall a ceremony many years ago I led with the largest group I had ever done, the size of the group required I work fast, the feeling I often got at that time was of being guided in every way by the spirit of the whole, my body was moved, my thoughts and feelings moved by that great "whole". Before me appeared a sun like image of a white light with rainbow like lightning serpents as the suns radiance, and a voice within me said "You are that which guides you." until it was my voice repeating this.
I can see that from this vantage point those shamans that came before knew this as well. It is easy to see how we are the ancestors of the gods.