Friday, August 02, 2013

What makes me

The particles that made my body have seen the birth of mountains. They have floated through the sky as water vapor, they have been great rivers and oceans. They have been the primordial leviathan, the 28 ribs of a buffalo, they have most recently been the blackberry growing on the thorned vine. My awareness of self was once the awareness of a frog. That which makes my body once knew of itself as a spider knows of itself, as a wild rose once knew of itself, as a salmon once knew of itself. That which makes my body was once a stone. The land I stand upon knows itself as me know. I have been and am the four corners of this world, I stand at the center, right here in this place. Today, right now this place knows itself as me. And I can be that awareness of stone, I can remember being preset at the birth of mountains, I can know myself as spider, as wolf, as wind, as the steam that rises from the tree tops in fall mornings.

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