Sunday, November 15, 2009

Waking the Dead

What type of relationships do we develop with those who have passed on today?
In many traditions ancestors and the spirits of the dead are a source of misfortune fear and sickness in other traditions they are a source of healing, guidance, and protection. How can we develop life affirming and death honoring relationships with those who are dead today? Come and join us in the discovery and development of those relationships.
Location: The Hall Of The Woods 3712 Sapp Rd. S.W. Olympia Wa. 98511
Time: 6-8 pm, Dec. 13th
The class will include a group discussion and lecture as well as methods for developing communicative relationships with our ancestors.
Registration, please contact or just show up!
There is a minimum donation of 5 dollars, refreshments will be provided...
Brought to you by the Center for Bioregional Animism

Cultivating relationships with our ancestors gives us a tremendous advantage in life and someday in death. The development of communicative relationships with our ancestors gives us access to their wisdom and guidance through out our daily lives as well as helps us to gain a deeper perspective on the nature of life and death.
The fear and ignorance of death as well as spirit can create many problems in our lives, how were late to death and to spirit has a direct reflection on our relationship to life. In this class we will discover ways of developing our senses so that we can develop our relationships with life. The development of various forms of Clairsentience, Clairaudience, claircognizance, and telepathic awareness aid in communication with spirit. Many cultures have developed many ways to develop these inaite human sensitivities in safe and responsible as well as humble ways.
We will discuss these practices as well as discuss ways of developing these practices.

"Let there be no doubts that I am the assemblage of our ancestors, the arena in which they exercise my moments. They are my cells and I am their body."- Frank Hurbert, DUNE

This is the first of an ongoing series of classes brought to you by the center for bioregional animism. Next in the line up will be Deity Yoga, Guru Yoga, and the Phenomena of the Tutelary spirit, that which guides and teaches you. This class will be focused on looking not at yogic traditions specifically but at the commonality of traditions around the world from Christianity to Nepalese shamanic practices. We will be looking deeply at how learning and personal growth can come from trance possession and the embodiment of deities, tutelary spirits, teachers, and so forth. This brings us to the third class which is an introduction to animism as well as shamanry showing how relational ontology ie. animism shapes synergistic ways of working with nature and its sentience to create health and well being. Our forth in the series will be focused primarily on bioregional animism, and the cultivation and embracing of relationships with the land beneath our feet and all of the sentient beings that embody that land. Practical methods of communion with the land and the other than human persons that embody place will be shared and discussed all in the hopes of cultivating community with where we are.
We are looking forward to working with you!