Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watching new animist tradition form

During a ceremony a few weeks ago, I sat and watched new animist traditions form. I watched as the woman I'm to marry and a mutual friend interacted with other than human persons in spirit and discussed their relationships with these persons. I could see them as the matrons of a newly forming tradition within this region. As these two women established relationships with these other than human persons they would introduce these other than human persons to others
and work with them to find co-creative ways to solve problems and live harmoniously in this bioregion. I watched forces of nature people and animal people and tree people and insect people come through these women and move around the ceremonial space, I witness these women share wisdom from spirit and communion with these other than human persons. I saw other than human persons and human persons create new relationships and work together.

I saw raven come in and heal wounds caused by the selfishness of others and, ancestors come and heal wounds caused by generations of accumulated pain. I saw Spider woman come in as an old crone and speak through my friend, teaching us that the ego is not a thing but a process of relationships, I saw an old lizard woman come through the woman I love and teach her the wisdom of lizard. I saw my fiance speak with a father tree which gave her much wisdom to share with us. I saw my friend and my fiance talk about the female forest spirit they have come to know as Flora. I saw that their relationship with this other than human person was the beginning of many future womens relationship with the forest spirit of this region. I saw these things happening so that relationships can be formed for future generations, I saw a birth.