Friday, March 21, 2008

bioregionalism takes on the global heroin trade

"what could make a person strong is understanding completely where you come from," says former Rio Arriba county commision president Alfredo Montoya. "Understanding who you are. What your village has to offer. Your history. your traditions and customs. How spiritually there's places to go. And that is why the land and water issues, fighting for the acequias and the land grant movement, are so important for recovering from substance abuse."

--from the book 'chiva: a village takes on the global heroin trade' by chellis glendinning

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

First peoples bioregional animism blog

Hey.. I just want to let you all know on this tribe how awesome you all are! I have grown so much because of all the interesting things that i find here and the sharing that goes on between us all, as we dance with the land. I was always an animist by nature (no pun intended), but as I've delved into the biroregional concept more fully and continued to share with all of you, maintaining the First Peoples blog...I have expanded my understanding of animism so much's incredible. Today I picked up the newspaper, as I often do to find current events for the drop in kids and the first thing that drew my attention was an article about the Tech school sponsoring a community meal with local game on the menu. I realized that because I belong to this tribe and share in the understanding with all of you, that more and more I am thinking from a biroregional perspective and by osmosis, perhaps...coming to understand my biroregion in a much deeper way. I find myself much more involved these days with what's going on on a DAILY basis within my bioregion, rather than just a passing glance or in general knowledge. It's quite a different perspective that reaches beyond animism for me. I have always danced with the land and lived in an animist way, honored the spirits of the land I was on, but now it has taken on a deeper meaning for me....guess it's "put me in my place" for sure ; ) Maintaining the First Peoples' blog has been a good exercise for me and I am grateful for having been offered the opportunity. It has deepened my commitment and I would love to expand that further, and hope to see some other First Peoples' from all over the world add their perspectives. I would not want that to be all one sided from only this bioregion. If there are other First Peoples here..please come on over to the blog and check it out. I would love to gain a deeper understanding of other First Peoples experience with biroreginal will serve to educate me further and broaden my perspective. i am honored by the wisdom along your path that has made its way into my everyday thought ROCK! Guess I might to give in and read that book now, huh LLB? ~LOL~ With much respect
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