Thursday, June 07, 2007

bioregional animist education coarse

Recently I've decided to begin teaching bioregional animis on line via the tribes networking system. We have had alot of wonderfull responses to this coarse allready and are still awaiting a few more students before we begin.
One of our students wrote me an email asking to join the coarse, who has been a member of the bioregional animism forum for some time now... and she has communicated something about this work that i was not previously aware of, a potential which now that i think about is actualy the nature of this work in genernal.
We are all people whos ancestors where at some point tribal and animist, and due to colonialism and imperialism we have lost those ways of relateing...
my sister here is from a tribe in northern california and see's that bioregional animism might very well be away for here tribe to reground themselves spiritualy in where they have allways lived. this shows in some ways a great hope for all of us... we are all suffering from the same problems, and for some of us i feel bioregional animism is a cure for some of these problems. it points to a way of relateing and regrounding, that has been cut from us by forces we have yet to fully understand. it heals a wound in our colective soul and a wound in the earth itself.
this is the email she sent me...


Thank you for the invitation- I would love to participate in the online course, mostly to further my own understanding! I hope that one day I may be able to understand well enough to share some of your vision with members of my tribe. There has unfortunately been a lot of animosity and division within our tribe around the issue of ceremony and spirituality - people fighting over who has the "right" to perform what song, whether or not the dances are being performed "correctly", on and on... yet the people hunger for reconnection to Spirit and the ancestors. I absolutely believe that bioregional animism holds the key to beginning to resolve this division! I pray that we as a tribe will be able to come together and reconnect to the Source, and I believe that if we are able to do so we will be shown a new way to move together into the 21st century. Thank you again for doing the important work you do, and bringing it to the people.

With respect,
Lacrima (Mary Lou)