Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Bioregional Animism Project
The goal of this project is to allow the land to express itself through us again. To reincarnate the old traditions and lost tribes, to see that new traditions are being born as new expressions of the lands consciousness, to commune with the land and celebrate our oneness with it.
To help support a diverse system of developing ecological and spiritual cosmologies much like indigenous minds have always done, through the act of communion!

The dream is to establish a body of work that can be shared with others to promote bioregional animist communities around the world, and to establish a network of sustainable earth communities based off the bioregional animist principles of acknowledging that we are one with our environment, that we are surrounded by other than human persons which we are related to, that we must live in a respectful way with these other than human persons, and last but not least that we can establish respectful relationships through communication with our other than human relations.

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